ways to connect with nature, picture of children laying in a field connecting with nature

10 Ways To Connect With Nature

Experts agree that connecting with nature is good for us. But with “busy” being the new norm, how do we make time to reap the benefits nature provides? If you’re feeling like you could use a reintroduction to the natural world, read on for some simple methods that will get you appreciating the many ways to connect with nature.

1) Journal

One of the easiest ways to connect with nature is to simply notice it. Whether you make a regular habit of jotting down short lists of what you see, or you want to make a sketch of a tree in your yard, keeping a nature journal is a great way of being mindful of nature’s gifts. Click Here To Find Cool Journals

2) Stray from the beaten path

If you enjoy regular walks or bike rides, make sure to change the scenery once in a while. A simple change to your normal routine can expose you to brand new nature discoveries.

3) Bring nature inside

Something as simple as having a house plant is sometimes enough to keep you feeling close to nature. If you lack a green thumb, think of other ways you can bring nature indoors. Maybe displaying a decorative bowl full of pinecones or dried lavender is just the thing to help you feel connected to the outside world.

4) Take a child’s approach

Have you ever noticed how long it takes to walk somewhere with a child? There are sticks to pick up, rocks to inspect, and leaves to touch. The next time you’re outdoors with a kid, why not join in on the exploration?

5) Set a nature goal

Perhaps there’s a state park you’ve been meaning to visit, or you’d like to go hiking more often. Consider setting one nature goal a month and commit to sticking to it.

6) Record the weather

Similar to journaling, making a quick note of the daily weather is sometimes enough to keep you aware of what’s happening in nature. You may also find that it is fun to compare weather trends over time.

7) Close your eyes

Nature is beautiful, it’s true. Oftentimes, though, we forget nature can appeal to more than just our sense of sight. Take a moment to sit outside with your eyes closed and you will appreciate nature in a completely different way.

8) Wake with the sun

When is that last time you saw the sunrise? Making time for sunrise is a great and easy way to connect with nature because you only need to set your alarm and look out your window. And, since it happens daily, you can do this as often or as few times as you like.

9) There’s an app for that

Let your smartphone connect you to nature by finding helpful apps. Whether you want to identify birds, leaves, or something else entirely, there are plenty of apps that make the job easy for you.

10) Start a photo collection

Smartphones have made amateur photographers out of all of us. Why not use your phone to capture the images you see in nature? Try focusing on a theme like insects or plants, or just randomly photograph whatever you like. Whichever you choose, having a photo collection is a quick way to connect with nature when you are unable to access the real thing.

What’s your favorite ways to connect with nature? Share them in the comments below.