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10+ Things To Do When You Visit Norway Maine In Your RV

Tell a friend you are going to visit Norway and they may begin to gush about breathtaking views of fjords and glaciers. Before you let them go on and on, please interrupt to let them know you are actually planning to visit Norway, Maine. Then reassure them that, although you are staying on this side of the Atlantic, you will still get to enjoy equally breathtaking sights and treats.

Norway, Maine, tucked smack dab in the Oxford Hills, offers campers abundant opportunities for water sports, hiking, and amazing photo opportunities of the local flora and fauna among countless other excursions. Here are 10 things to put on your to-do list as you explore the sites around Norway, Maine:

1 – Lake Pennesseewassee:

Although quite a mouthful, visitors will also get an eyeful of wildlife and beautiful scenery surrounding this popular 987 acre lake. An abundance of trout and bass make it a favorite of fishermen. Birdwatchers enjoy quietly cruising the edges of the lake, hoping to sight the ever elusive loon.

2 – Roberts Farm Preserve:

165 acres filled with trails and the preserved history of stone walls, orchards, and groves afford outdoor pleasure for land-lubbers. But there’s a lake here, too, if you crave yet one more opportunity to birdwatch waterfowl. Named in honor of the Roberts family of the late 1800s, the farm was renowned far and wide as a fine dairy and one of the nation’s largest butter producers. Now, it is dedicated to the preservation of history and natural woodland habitat.

3 – Scenic Village:

If your wild nature streak is dormant and you prefer a more urban touring experience, you won’t even have to leave the city limits of Norway. This charming, scenic little village has an architecturally marvelous downtown area filled with interesting shops housed in structures that date back to the early 1900s. The award-winning local project, Main Street Approach, is dedicated to cultivating a downtown district that thrives commercially while also building a strong sense of community.

4 – Theater:

celebration-barn-theater-norway-maine6 minutes east, in nearby South Paris, is family friendly drama at the Celebration Barn Theater. Visitors can be a spectator in the audience or sign-up for a workshop and become a participant! The theater’s mission goes beyond the dramatic arts. It aspires to inspire. So, for RVing performance artists, here is a great opportunity to vacation while you hone your craft.

5 – A Day At The Races:

If you enjoy the thrill of revving engines, get a taste of the Fast and Furious up close and personal at the Oxford Plains Speedway that is less than 6 miles due south on Norway’s Main Street. Officially a “short track”, with 14,000 seating capacity it is actually the largest outdoor sports venue in the State of Maine. It is a local secret that several NASCAR pros find this little gem a favorite. So, if you enjoy a bit of motor mayhem, here you will certainly get your wish along with top talent for musical performances.

6 – River Rat:

Lakes are not the only opportunity for a fun-filled day on the water. Less than 10 miles southeast of Norway is access to the Little Androscoggin River. Rafting or kayaking are exciting as river rats navigate the rocky rapids. Point your bow toward the Snow Falls Gorge bridge and get the best view of a 25-foot waterfall. It’s the perfect spot to pull up to the bank for a bit of land-lubbing with a hike and a picnic.

7 – Swamp Rat:

Being a swamp rat is not much different than being a river rat. With the wild marshland of Witt Swamp only 2 miles north of Norway a camper should definitely take advantage of an opportunity to hike the one-mile trail that meanders through the wetlands. Traipsing through the dense white cedar woodland surrounded by hemlock, it’s like traveling back in time. If a single mile hike only whets your appetite for more of this ethereal beauty, you can continue on through a connecting trail that offers 2 more hiking miles for a tour of Shepard’s Farm Preserve.

8 – Festivals:

If the arts are your thing, you will want to visit Norway the second week of July. Their big event, Norway Arts Festival, is three days of sidewalk art and attractions. This 40-year tradition includes painters, sculptors, poets, dancers, musicians, and authors. This charming little town also boasts Maine’s largest Christmas parade, held annually the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Of course, throughout the winter season are all kinds of snow-related festivals. Perhaps the most notable is the Annual Snowshoe Festival. And the favorite event that can only be enjoyed when you visit Norway is the one-of-a-kind Snowshoe Wife Carry. Throughout the year, Norway entertains residents and guests with entertaining festivals and events.

9 – Dining:

There are plenty of wonderful places to enjoy local cuisine when you visit Norway. However, make sure that you don’t miss the delicious recipes baked from scratch using local ingredients at Cafe Nomad. If you are a bookworm, you will be glad you did. While waiting for your delectable delights you can order a glass of wine and relax with a book in the cafe’s extensive library.

10 – Daredevil:

Although hiking, water sports and art festivals are all interesting excursions, they may not satisfy your inner daredevil. For that, Norway offers exhilarating adventures like ziplining through the surrounding forest canopy or hang-gliding off the cliffs of the Oxford Hills. Whatever your extreme adventure is, skydiving, hot air ballooning or para-gliding, these are some of the most fantastic ways to experience a thrill against the backdrop of Maine’s famous fall foliage.

Although the lighthouses and craggy coastlines of Maine usually get all the glory, it is easy to see that heading westward, away from the Atlantic, opens up exciting RVing possibilities. Setting up your camp headquarters in Norway means the Atlantic is only 45 miles southeast. And, despite all of the thrills and excitement that Norway has to offer, Maine’s traditional sights are just a day-trip away. What could a camper find to do in Portland?

  • Have a beer, a tour and a meal at Allagash Brewery.
  • Enjoy a narrated tour of the Old Port on board a vintage fire engine, hosted by Portland Fire Engine Company.
  • Take a jaunt out to Casco Bay Islands. Several cruises are offered to suit every taste, budget, and schedule: Sunset Run, Sunrise on the Bay, Music Cruise and many others with their own particular tour specialty.
  • Enjoy a bit of local history with a tour of the Victoria Mansion. A well-preserved national historic landmark, it is extraordinary architecture from the nineteenth century accented with exquisite interior design features and period furnishings. The mansion was the summer home of hotel moguls, Ruggles Sylvester and Olive Morse. Although superbly luxurious, the most amazing feature is a 25-foot long skylight of stained glass. When visiting Portland, the mansion is simply a must-see.

So, where is an RVer to stay to be centrally located to all of these amazing excursion opportunities? The two top-rated campsites that will have you centrally located near Norway are:

  • Papoose Pond Resort & Campground: About 9 miles due west from Norway, this RV campground gets rave reviews. It boasts a great beach, heated pool, and an array of entertainment like movie nights, teen dances, family dances, and even hypnotists!
  • Two Lakes Camping Area: About 8.5 miles due south is another premier camping venue. Lakeside camping is relaxing with 135 shady sites to choose from. Swim or fish by day and dance by night when the local entertainment strikes up the band.

Surrounding Norway, Maine are many more scenic RV campgrounds, so don’t dismay if these two have no room at the inn.

Plan a Trip to Visit Norway (The American Version)

Pull in and hook-up in a gorgeous, remote locale from which the entire western region of Maine can be explored as well as the state’s famous coastline. For more information, contact an RVing expert when planning your next trip.

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