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Sensory Dreamscape Tour Of Ohio.

An RV camping experience should be a sensory-rich vacation. In fact, vacation isn’t even the right descriptor for sensory focused travel. Restorative dreamscape is a better word to describe what happens to a body. An RV is the perfect mode of travel to provide the flexibility that allows campers to get up close and personal whenever and wherever they want. And for a dreamscape sensory vacation, a tour of Ohio has got it all.

Why vacation with a sensory purpose? Input through the channels of the 5 senses has amazing effects on the mind and body. Do you experience the fatigue syndrome of anxiety or everyday stress? Then you need a dreamscape designed to soothe those frazzled nerves, lower your blood pressure and lift your tired soul, not to mention build some of the most fantastic memories that will last a lifetime!

A sensory dreamscape should cater to the 5 senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. Here are 6 destination-rich suggestions to help you map out a tour of Ohio that’s as sensory rich as possible:

1. Sensory Cleanse:

First, you need to cleanse the palate. That means spending some time in a place that offers minimal sensory stimulation. What better place to meditate with a feeling of isolation than in a cave? Ohio has 3 extraordinary cave destinations worth exploration:

  1. Ohio Caverns near West Liberty, Ohio.
  2. Seneca Caverns in Bellevue, Ohio.
  3. Old Man’s Cave at Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

2. Taste:

The tongue has a map of its own. Taste buds located in different areas of the tongue have 4 particular taste differentiation strengths:

  • Sweet flavors are detected on the tip of the tongue.
  • Salty flavors are detected on the sides of the tip of the tongue.
  • Sour flavors are detected midway.
  • Bitter flavors are detected at the very back segment of the tongue.

A sensory dreamscape must deliver every flavor to satisfy each tastebud region. Here are 4 places that will offer the best of sweet, salty, sour and bitter during your tour of Ohio:

  1. Kiedrowski’s Bakery is renowned as the “best bakery in America”. It is most famous for its Snoogles. Headquartered in Amherst, Ohio, this should be the destination of choice to satisfy a body’s sweet taste buds.
  2. Pretzels are popular and they are, indeed, salty. To check “salty” off your sensory dreamscape bucket list, Ohio offers the most delectable and saltiest gourmet pretzels in the entire world. Another great thing about this award-winning Ohio pretzel shop is, if you are set up in a cozy camp, you don’t have to leave! Instead of driving into Columbus, order some salty pretzels online! Brezel delivers!
  3. Sour beer, who knew?! Cincinnati is home to a sour beer that has gotten rave reviews by beer connoisseurs around the world. So, after taking a tour of the brewery, belly up to the bar at Rhinegeist Brewing and treat your sour tastebuds to refreshingly chill but sour Peach Dodo.
  4. What could possibly be bitter tasting yet tempting as a culinary treat? How about relaxing with a glass of red wine? It may be an acquired, bitter taste, but it is definitely considered a treat. Your tour of Ohio should include some absolutely gorgeous wineries! Add the element of a touch, sight, and smell sensory experience with a vineyard tour and it is the perfect destination for your sensory dreamscape vacation plan. Tour one or all of these award-winning Ohio vineyards and satisfy your bitter cravings:

3. Touch:

What are the kinds of things that bring pleasure to our sense of touch? Think about it, the skin is actually the largest organ of the body yet is so often overlooked. A sensory dreamscape will remedy that. Here are some great destination ideas to awaken a sleepy sense of touch that has been neglected:

  • Unofficial Lego Toy & Plastic Brick Museum, Bellaire, Ohio where you can get your touch-oriented play on with tiny plastic bricks.
  • Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, Ohio, where hands can experience the textures of different artistic elements like steel, wood, and stone.
  • Nickajack Farms, North Lawrence, Ohio, has daily opportunities to dip your hands into all sorts of agricultural related touch-sensory experiences. Ride a horse, pet a pony, or pick a pumpkin. Tours and events are available throughout the year.

4. Sight:

Your tour of Ohio will be filled with amazing things to just sit back and look at. Indulge in some of the most satisfying sight-related excursions:

  • St. Theodosius Cathedral in Cleveland is a bit of Russian architectural wonder right here in America. Not only does it have a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, it also has a modern era claim to fame, being featured in the Hollywood classic, “Deer Hunter”.
  • For a chance to get your heart pumping with a glimpse of the spooky, visit Squire’s Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio after dark. Gates close at 11pm so you should have plenty of time to get a good, strong dose of the fear factor. Despite the design, the structure is actually a gatehouse for a mansion that, as fate would have it, was never actually constructed. Many ghost stories are connected with the site which is part of Cleveland’s Metroparks North Chagrin Reservation.
  • For a more sedate but awe-inspiring sight sensory experience, stop in at the Cincinnati Observatory. This star-gazing center is known as the “Birthplace of American Astronomy”. Since opening its doors in 1873, it has offered skywatchers a commanding view atop Mt. Lookout.

5. Smell:

Perhaps the best places to find delightful aromas are gardens. A proper tour of Ohio will have some of the most beautiful gardens a sensory seeker will ever experience:

  • Cleveland Botanical Garden is open all year. There is no doubt your nose will guide you straightaway to the site’s rose garden.
  • Toledo Botanical Garden has 60 rambling acres of gardens filled with floral aromas that will tickle your senses.
  • Olfactory heaven may be found, however, at Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm in Martinsville, Ohio. Tour the grounds, visit the market boutique or schedule a restorative session at the wellness center. Lavender has long been coveted for its relaxing and restorative properties. If your sensory dreamscape is for the purpose of healing, this is the place to go.

6. Hearing:

The ear can appreciate a multitude of sounds. Regardless of the source of the sound, man-made music and nature’s music both have healing potential for body and soul.

  • Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must visit attraction for any sensory dreamscape bucket list. The origins of American music legends can be seen and heard in the exhibits on display. Make sure to stop by this attraction during your tour of Ohio!
  • Birdsong is one of the most elegant sounds in nature. Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, Oak Harbor, Ohio, is probably the top hotspot for the state’s birdwatching enthusiasts.
  • Babbling brooks or roaring waterfalls are equally soothing or thrilling. Enjoy the sound of both, as well as the breathtaking sight of a two-tiered waterfall known as Big and Little Lyons Falls in Ohio’s Mohican State Park.
  •  Perhaps it is the roar of engines you desire to feast your ears upon. The Eldora Speedway in New Weston, Ohio is a little-known gem that is a favorite with families. Listen to the drone of souped-up go-karts, enjoy a bit of fireworks popping, or sit in the stands, immersed in the roar of the crowd or tailgate. Better yet, staying at the Eldora Campground can keep you right in the thick of the action.

For great ideas on the RV and camping lifestyle, Avalon RV Center has always got amazing tips and news. Log on or stop by when planning your next trip.

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