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RV Tire Tips To Keep Your Tires Lasting Long

Your RV is a long-term investment, and the tires beneath it require care. By following manufacturer suggestions, as well as following these RV tire tips and tricks, you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

It is important to maintain proper air inflation. Proper tire inflation specifications are found on the tire. Over or under inflating your tires causes hazards. Check your tire pressure each time you set out on a weekend adventure, or anytime you take your RV out of storage. If you are on a long trip, check your tire pressure weekly. Keep an extra long tire pressure gauge on hand for dual tires.

If you store your RV outdoors, no matter the season, it is a good idea to cover your tires. Tire covers protect your tires from being deteriorated by sunlight. Since you do not drive your RV on a daily basis, you can expect to get a longer life from them than you would a regular car tire, but only if you take care of them.

Respect the road capability of your RV tires. Small tires, like those used on a pop-up camper, are not made for top highway speeds. Forcing these small tires to exceed speeds of 65 mph on a long trip will cause them to overheat. Any time you might save by going faster might be spent changing a tire.

Should you find yourself on the side of the road, despite RV maintenance efforts, it is a good idea to have a full-size spare tire. Although a roadside repair agent will try to bring one with them to change it, when you find yourself stranded outside tiny towns such as Ogallala, Nebraska, it might be hard to find the specialty tire that fits your RV.

Understand that it is important for your tires’ health to weigh your unit. Not only when it is empty, but after you have filled it as well. You can find large vehicle scales at some truck stops, weigh stations and scrap yards.

Every time you put effort into preserving the well-being of your tires, you are saving yourself time and money. These are only a few tips for maintaining your RV tires. Be informed of your RV’s tire specifications by reading your owner manual, or contact your local tire installer.

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