build a coke can stove, picture of a coke can stove on fire

Build A Coke Can Stove, Quick & Easy.

Camping and RV’ing is a sure way of finding plenty of family-friendly adventures and amazing memories to last a lifetime. However, easy DIY projects are the perfect solution for campers who want to add an extra special flare to their camping experience.  One of the simplest homemade projects is how to build a coke can stove. This project is a fun twist to campground cook-outs.  It may even be the perfect rescue solution to a stubborn camp stove or broken RV stove top burner.

Items Needed:

  • High temperature tape (i.e. metal tape, aluminum tape)
  • Awl or sharp piercing instrument
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Soda cans
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Sharp knife (i.e. “x-acto knife”)

1. Using the awl, create a ring of even holes around the bottom rim of the soda can.  Smaller holes are more fuel-efficient.  Nonetheless, create a balanced ring with an equal amount of holes on each side.  16 holes is a safe number to aim for.

2. Use your sharp knife or “x-acto” to create a circular opening on the bottom end in addition to the ring of holes.  Your soda can should now be bottomless with only a ring of holes around the bottom edge. To avoid sharp, jagged edged, carefully file the edge of the cut-out down until smooth and uniform.

3. Use you ruler or tape measuring to measure out 20 mm (3/4 in) from the bottom of the can.  Make a careful mark with your marker to ensure you measure and cut accurately. Along the lines, use your scissors to cut the “stove top” portion of your can.  You will be left with the bottom portion of your can (the portion with the ring of holes and the circular cut-out).

4. Use your scissors to cut tiny snips into the edges of the bottom portion up until you reach the silvery portion of the can’s bottom.  Make up to eight snips to form the “tabs” of your stove top. These will allow you fit the homemade stove top onto the burner of your camp stove and keep it balanced.

5. Using a new can, measure 25 mm (1 in) from the bottom and cut this portion off.  The inner wall of the stove top is created from the remaining portions of the two cans.  Cut out a strip that is about 35 mm (1 1/3 in) wide and carefully cut notches near the ends.  Loop the ends together and use the notches to interlock the ends.

6. Finish building your stove by placing the inner walls over the bottom of the stove top (portion with the holes). Place it “notch-end” down. It is a tight fit, but the pieces should fit together with a little adjustments. Use your special tape to secure the rings together. You will be left with a flat homemade stove top you can place over most camp stove burners.  This is the perfect tool for supporting any pot or pan. It may take a few tries to get it perfect, but with some practice you will have a useful camp tool to take along on all your future camping trips.

Can You Already Build a Coke Can Stove? Share You Experience With Us Below.