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Keeping Cool While Summer Boondocking

Warm weather is just around the corner. This is great because it means swimming, longer days, and warm evenings filled with campfires and s’mores. Unfortunately, it also means incredibly hot afternoons, something that can seem almost unbearable should you find yourself camping without an air conditioner.

However, there are many ways to take the edge off of a blistering afternoon, which is a pretty handy fact for those RVers who enjoy wandering off into the wilderness for a weekend of camping without electricity.

— Around the Campsite — 

The first step in making sure you and your family are keeping cool is ensuring you will feel alright while hanging around the campsite. After all, your site will be your home for the duration of your boondocking adventure, so making it as comfortable as possible is a must.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for making your “home away from home” a comfortable temperature as the weather begins to warm up:

Park in The Shade

The positioning of your RV can have a profound effect on how hot it becomes during the afternoon. Try to park in a shady spot under a tree. If this is not possible, park with your door facing away from the afternoon sun. Use your awning for additional shade, and angle it in order to keep the sun off of your windows.

Cover the Windows

Just as the sun can heat up a car like a solar oven, it can also warm up an RV pretty quickly. In order to avoid baking inside of your own home-on-wheels, cover your windows with reflective sheets or panels. These will send the sunshine away from the interior of your rig, helping to keep it cool during the warmest parts of the day.

As an added bonus, your new window coverings will keep the bright sunlight out of your RV in the mornings, allowing you to sleep in on your vacation. Imagine that!

Stay Hydrated

In order to put your body’s natural cooling system to good use, you must be well hydrated. Therefore, it is crucial that you drink plenty of water during your summer boondocking adventure.

The best way to ensure you are getting enough water is to have a steady supply available and on-hand. When you have a water bottle in your hand, you are much more likely to take sips throughout the day than you might be, should you go get a cup whenever you felt thirsty.

Another great way to help your body stay hydrated is to steer clear of dehydrating beverages such as soda, tea, and coffee. Not only do these dry your body out, they also temporarily quench thirst, making a person less likely to drink the water that he or she truly needs.

Switch Out Lights

If your RV currently uses traditional light bulbs, consider switching them out for an LED option. This is an incredibly simple switch that will reduce the amount of heat being let off into your camper. Additionally, LED bulbs require less electricity to run, something every boondocker will be thankful for.

Take Advantage of the Freezer

When the weather gets especially warm, you may wish you could curl up inside of your RV freezer. Unfortunately, this is not an option. However, you can use your freezer to your advantage by freezing ice packs. Place these on the warmest parts of your body to cool down when the going gets rough.

In addition to ice packs, the freezer can also keep cold treats frozen. As we all know, there is nothing quite like a popsicle to cool down on a hot afternoon.

Use Fans

Keeping cool by using the built-in RV vent fans can work wonders during heat waves. Simply open one window, turn on the fan, and bask in the strong breeze created between the two.

Battery-operated fans can help make the effect even better, and wet towels hung in front of the fans can create a cooling effect if the air is just too warm for fans alone to have a positive effect.

Cook Outdoors

Cooking inside is a sure-fire way to build up a lot of unnecessary heat. Instead, cook outdoors using a grill or even the campfire. When you don’t feel like lighting a fire, prepare cold foods such as sandwiches and keep the oven and stove off. This will keep the heat out of your rig, making it a much more pleasant place to be for keeping cool.

— Out and About — 

Of course, sitting around the campsite isn’t exactly an adventure. Since most people set off on camping trips in order to find adventure, we recommend you go ahead and carry out all the usual activities despite the summer heat.

Simply heed the tips below, and you should be perfectly capable of having a blast while remaining cool as a cucumber.

Choose Your Schedule and Activities Wisely

Hiking in the afternoon heat of a summer day is draining and can actually be quite dangerous. Choose instead to take a hike, play sports, or ride bikes in the early morning or late evening hours, when the temperature is lowest.

When the extra-warm afternoon hours roll around, find other things to do. These might include cooling fun such as swimming, or stationary hobbies such as reading, napping, or fishing.

Wear a Hat

By wearing a hat, you will be making your own shade when there may be none else around. Hats are excellent at keeping the sun off your head and shading your face, which alongside sunscreen helps to prevent sunburn. Next time you will be taking part in an outdoor activity, make sure everyone in your party is wearing a hat before you head out.

Continue to Hydrate

Make sure you take plenty of water on every hiking trip and keep a bottle or two of the stuff on hand during sports matches and bike rides. As mentioned before, staying hydrated helps keep your body’s temperature regulation system running smoothly, making water a crucial part of keeping cool during summer camping.

There are plenty of products out there to help keep you hydrated while active. Water backpacks are ideal for carrying large amounts of water, and there are plenty of water filtration systems out there that will allow you to drink water from some natural sources, should you be headed out on a long hike.

Invest in a Cooling Towel

A cooling towel is a great item for keeping cool on a super-hot day. There are many variations of this towel on the market, but they all do the same job. Just add water, and you have a nice, cool towel to place around your neck or across your forehead. The best part? This handy little cloth stays cool even after being placed on warm skin for long periods of time.

By using these amazing tips, we are certain you can have some fabulous boondocking adventures with your family and friends this summer. Not only that, but we believe you will be keeping cool while doing so.

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