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Full Time RVing Tips: Save Money While Seeing The Sights

Living and traveling in an RV full-time is truly a dream come true. That said, it can be a pretty pricey dream come true. Campground fees, gas, and especially sightseeing can all come together to make the RV lifestyle one of the most expensive ones around.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to cut back on costs and make RV living a very frugal thing indeed. For instance, campground memberships can help with saving money on those pesky campground fees. Additionally, moving less often can help with the ridiculous cost of gas.

Those things are great, but if you are still spending a small fortune on seeing the sights wherever you wander, they aren’t going to make a ton of difference. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save on sightseeing as well. These come in the form of reciprocal memberships, and are an absolute miracle to anyone who wishes to have fun wherever they go.

Here are a few of our favorite money-saving reciprocal memberships:

Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC)

This reciprocal membership gives cardholders access to a huge number of science and children’s museums nationwide. This means that no matter where you end up, you will be able to see a museum or two at no cost.

This membership can be obtained by becoming a member of a museum that is part of the ASTC reciprocity program.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)

Similar to the reciprocal science museum membership above, the AZA pass gives members free or discounted admission to a large number of zoos and aquariums in the United States. This is the perfect pass for animal lovers.

AZA passes can be acquired by becoming a member at any zoo or aquarium that is a part of the AZA reciprocal program.

Merlin Pass

Those travelers who enjoy theme parks and wax museums will love the Merlin Pass. This pass gives cardholders access to all of the Legoland Discovery Centers and Legoland Parks nationwide. Additionally, it grants owners access to six different wax museums, all of the Sea Life aquariums, and more!

Click here to purchase a Merlin Pass.

These are just a few of the fantastic ways a person can save money on sightseeing while living and traveling in an RV. By taking advantage of one or two of these passes, you are certain to be saving money at each and every stop without cutting out any of the fun.

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