7 tips for full time rv living, picture of a fifth wheel rv and a golf cart in the foreground

7 Tips For Full Time RV Living

So you’re considering a new way of life that involves more freedom and more of the open road. You want to travel, see new destinations, and experience new things. Well before you get started with your new adventures there are some things you need to know. Here are 7 tips for full time rv living that will help to ease into your new RV lifestyle:

1. Budgeting is your best friend.

Seeing that you won’t live the same way you used to, it’s important that you keep an even closer eye on your spending habits. Be sure to take note of everything you buy so that you can get a clear idea of where your money is going. Also talking to other RV owners with experience, and learning money–saving tips from them could help you a lot.

2. Get familiar with handy work.

If you aren’t already, definitely familiarize yourself with working on and repairing things. Become familiar with your RV manual as much as possible. Practice any recommended procedures or routines so you can prevent potential issues. Traveling 24/7 can definitely cause a little wear and tear, so you’ll want to prepare for whatever may come your way.

3. Plan for income.

Earning money while you’re on your journey is crucial and luckily it’s also possible. Thanks to the internet, there are countless telecommuting & virtual jobs that you can take on. Or maybe you want something offline? No worries. You could checkout travel jobs or temp agencies in whatever city you plan to visit. Either way, you will have opportunities to earn a paycheck while you’re on the road.

4. Stay connected online as you go.

Internet while you’re away is essential. Purchasing a satellite for your rig, or simply checking to see which service provider can keep you connected are both great options. Another option is to connect to Wi-Fi that is usually available at campgrounds or visitor centers.

5. Make sure you get your mail.

Getting your mail is important and thankfully, there are a few ways you can receive your mail while you’re away. This ranges from having a close friend or family member collect it and forward it to you, renting a p.o. box, or just going with a professional mail forwarding service.

6. Do a test run.

Practice makes perfect and testing everything out for a while first would be in your best interest. Doing so will allow you to get a feel for how things will be every single day for the next good while. Take factors like organization, constantly setting things up & breaking them down, driving for long periods of time more often, scheduling, and much more into account.

7. Keep track of the weather.

Keeping tabs on the weather could save you lots of time and frustration. You don’t want to spend hours heading to an event in a certain area, not realizing it’s been canceled due to a yucky thunderstorm. Staying prepared and knowing what actions to take will help you tons, and will also make for a less hectic trip.

Although you can’t predict everything, you can still prepare. So make sure you take out the time to properly get ready for your new journey ahead and most importantly have fun!

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