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RV Toilet Problems Won’t Stop You Now

Just like your toilet at home, a RV toilet bowl retains some water to prevent odors from leaking into the living space. When that water doesn’t stay in the bowl, it means the rubber seals around the valve are no longer doing their job because they’re either damaged or have become hardened. The good news is that if something like this goes wrong, it’ll be an easy fix, as replacement parts are readily available.

Besides the seals at the bottom of the bowl, another common issue is a water valve malfunction. You’ll be able to tell when this is the problem if the water keeps running after releasing the control handle. These are probably the only two areas where you’ll run into any trouble, and fixing both is an easy task.

After turning off the water pressure, you’ll need to empty the toilet bowl by flushing it. The toilet will have to be removed, so take out the bolts holding it to the floor. You’ll then be able to reach and unhook the water connection at the backside. From there, you can take it to another space to work on it more easily.

Don’t forget to lay a towel across the hole in the floor to keep the odors away and stop anything from getting into the black water tank.

After this, repairs become a bit specific to the type of toilet. You’ll have to consult the parts diagram that comes with the repair kit to find the disassembly instructions. It’s nothing difficult, but you will have to follow them step-by-step to ensure it’s done right.

If the seals were replaced, you should pour some water into the toilet bowl to make certain the new seals can hold the water. Then you can reinstall the toilet. If it’s the water valve, pressurize the water system after reconnecting the water line to check for leaks. As long as there aren’t any, you can go ahead and put the toilet back where it belongs.

And don’t forget to also replace the rubber seal on the floor flange whenever the toilet is removed.

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