How To Fix RV Water Monitor Lights By Yourself, picture of a RV water monitoring system with its lights on

How To Fix RV Water Monitor Lights Without A Service Center

So what do you do if your monitor panel is always indicating your black water tank is full when it really isn’t? Is there a way to permanently fix this inaccurate water level indication? Short answer – no. You’re almost guaranteed to encounter occasional faulty water monitor readings. This is because the lights are activated by sensors mounted along the side of the waste tank at varying levels. Ideally, each sensor would activate as waste accumulates.

But there’s one item frequently going into your tank that prevents this: Toilet paper.

Simply put, pieces of that toilet paper will often cling to the sensors. This tricks the system into thinking it’s full to a certain point and therefore gives you that indication on the panel.

So how to stop this from happening? You could always try skipping the toilet paper, but that’s not likely to happen. At best, you can temporarily correct the problem by flushing the sensors. You could try any number of tactics to clear it all away. It might work for now, but rest assured that toilet paper will eventually get stuck on the sensors again.

Some RV dealers will tell you to use a special kind of toilet paper combined with breakdown chemicals to remedy the problem. Others will instruct you to use single-ply toilet paper to limit its sticking ability. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a fickle situation.

The best solution? Ignore the indicators and just remember to occasionally drain the tank.

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