how to fix your leaky rv faucet, picture of a leaky faucet

Fix Your Leaky RV Faucet Without A Plumber

Drippy faucets are a headache. Any water fixture can spring a leak at any time – kitchen sink, shower head, and anything else connected to the plumbing system in your RV. These systems in most newer models are made of plastic and have an obnoxiously high failure rate. Thankfully, you don’t have to spot the bill for a pro plumber to fix your leaky RV faucet.

It’s not uncommon for an RV to need a faucet repair while it’s still under warranty. While it depends on your situation and what you prefer to do, a fixture upgrade may be the better option as opposed to fixing it. Then, should your higher quality unit need repairs, rebuild kits sold at most hardware stores will do the trick.

If you do fix that leaky faucet yourself, at least it’ll be a simple adventure. Seriously, it’s as easy as a quick swap-out of the fittings. The tricky part? Those fittings sit behind the sink and might be darn difficult to reach.

Make sure the water pump is off first if you don’t want a shower. Then you can bleed the water pressure by opening both the cold and hot water faucets. Follow the water line until you find the nut that attaches it to the faucets. A basin wrench will loosen the fitting, and then you can pull the line away from the fixtures. Don’t forget to make note of which is which! It’s a simple mistake, but it means you’ll have to do all this again if you mix them up.

Now that the water is disconnected, you’ll find two large nuts securing the faucet to the counter. Remove these (hand pressure should suffice) and remove the faucet.

There are a lot of faucet types to chose from, so take it with you when you shop for a new one and find something that matches the space under the counter exactly. To put the whole thing back together, simply do the previous steps in reverse – and you’re done!

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