fix a rv water pump, picture of a rv water pump installed on a rv

Fix A RV Water Pump, It’s Simple.

You’re ready to head out for the first trip of the season. Your water tank is full and you’ve switched it on … only to find the pump just keeps running and won’t shut off. And there’s little to no water flow. Here’s how you can fix a RV water pump.

Before assuming the pump is the problem, take the dummy test. First check that the water supply really is reaching it. A lot of people are fooled into replacing the pump after all they did was leave the drain open when they thought they were filling the tank. Also check that all lines are connected properly, the shut off valve is open, the power fuse is still good, and that power is reaching the pump itself.

If everything is as it should be, then the pump is likely the problem.

To remove the old one, first drain the fresh water tank. Disconnect the water lines (expect to get a little wet) and the electrical hookups. Then you can unbolt the pump from its mount and pull it out. The pump may be awkward to reach, so be prepared to contort yourself into positions you didn’t think were possible to get at it.

Your pump likely has a rebuild kit available on the market, but they can range anywhere from $60 to $150. At that price, you’d be better off to buy a new pump and save yourself the trouble. Once the replacement has arrived, installing it is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Remount the pump
  2. Reconnect the water and electrical lines
  3. Refill the water tank

Don’t forget to use Teflon tape to reinforce your pipe thread connections.

The most common reason RV water pumps fail is leaving water in the system all winter. Otherwise, they’re pretty robust and last a long time. So just remember to drain the water after every season, and yours should hold out for a while.

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