Rockwood Geo Pro 19FDS great full time living rv for a smaller RV

For couples longing to make up for lost vacation time, RVs are an ideal way to get back on the road in clean, secure, and efficient conditions.

For good reasons, travel trailers, fondly called bumper pull, are the most popular type of RVs. They allow you to travel with the standard comfort features you enjoy at home, including your pet, and you don’t have to pay for hotel accommodation. 

If you ever have to work while on the road, some travel trailers come with fitted workstations or have features that allow you to create a makeshift desk for as long as you need it, then convert the space for another use.

They’re also handy for destinations with no accommodation or that are way above your budget.

Why The 2023 Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19FDS is the Best Travel Trailer for Full-Time Living

The best trailer caters to your needs. For the couple who wants a travel trailer for full-time living, comfort and convenience should be top priorities. The 2023 Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19FDS measures 20′ 2″ in length, 9′ 10″ in height, 92″ overall width, and a 14′ awning offers these features:

Full-Length Bathroom, Large Shower, and Shower Miser

A full-length bathroom means you have the convenience of a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub in your trailer’s bathroom.

 Another comfort with this bathroom is that the interior air flows naturally through and out, keeping foul odors and unpleasant smells from decomposing waste from entering the bathroom.

The large shower gives you more than the regular travel trailer shower: more elbow room, adequate water pressure, and a spa-like experience. 

More importantly, the shower miser water saver feature allows you to direct water to your shower in normal use or back to the fresh tank in bypass mode. This action saves the water between the water heater and the shower instead of sending it to the grey tank. 

Foot flush toilets mean better hygiene control, while the black tank flush helps remove any waste that has built up inside the tank and hoses.

Murphy Bed, AM/FM Stereo, and DVD Player

A trailer qualifies as a small space, so anything that creates more room is a welcome idea. The murphy bed in this trailer is built for that reason. When folded upright, it creates a living room and more floor space and room to move around. 

These beds work well if you like to camp and have camping gear you’d like to stash under the bed. It’s a good option, too, to keep a pet bed if your pet loves sleeping close to you.

Lastly, you can turn the bed into a desk or extra storage for things that need to be on an elevated surface. With a foldable table underneath, you can perform multiple tasks in the same space as necessity demands.

When it’s time to unwind, the AM/FM Stereo with Bluetooth and USB and 12 Volt TV with DVD Player combine to create an array of entertainment options. The 13,500 Roof AC helps create the right temperature under sweltering heat conditions.

Door Side Dinette with a Large Window

A full-time living trailer will feel more like a home with a dining area. And there’s much more you can do with it. For example, the large window floods the trailer with light, making it a good spot to wind down after long hours of driving.

Should you make stopovers to see family and friends, it makes just enough space to entertain your guests over a meal or drink. Moreover, you can turn it into a desk or make it a décor focal point with pot plants or other personal décor pieces. 

If necessary, you can convert it into extra sleeping space by lowering the table and placing the booth pillows on top of it.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are about more than privacy control on the road. They block the direct path, keeping harmful UV rays out for a healthier relaxation by the window and creating a more shaded area to keep the trailer cool. 

With less direct light entering the trailer, your furniture doesn’t fade out as fast as it should, and the significantly reduced heat keeps the walls and floors in good condition for a long time. 

The fringe benefit is the ability to provide personality, style, and intrigue to the trailer home just like drapery and curtains do in a typical home. These shades are also durable and easy to wipe off dirt and grime with a cloth and warm, soapy water.

Kitchen Slide

This kitchen slide can be pulled out to prepare meals, then tucked back in to allow room for other functions. Besides that, it is fitted with a recessed cooktop with a flush mount cover. 

The recessed cooktop has sealed burners recessed beneath the cooktop’s edge, allowing the grates to be low and sleek. The flush Mount Glass Cover provides a stylish, sophisticated look with the added benefit of additional counter space when the cooking appliance is not in use.

You also get a 12V Refrigerator with several benefits suitable for a full-time travel trailer. First, it has excellent cooling performance. Secondly, you don’t need a glass bottle with the compressor fridge because it draws energy from the battery. Finally, you don’t need to install vents in your trailer because the refrigerator has internal ventilation.

For ease of making profligate food, the kitchen slide comes with a compact, power-efficient microwave.

To Conclude

This Rockwood travel trailer has the floor plan a couple living in an RV needs –comfortably fits three occupants, has features that accommodate your needs, and materials that keep extreme weather out of your motor home. 

And if you plan to live in it full time, you’ll enjoy one of the perks that set it apart from other RVs: you can take as many detours as you like without having to ever dealing with engine trouble or unhooking the trailer.

The RV Avalon Centre also guarantees the details that make it a high-quality trailer: contemporary, refreshing interiors that create a haven in all outdoor scenarios for an affordable price. Learn more.