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How To Work Remotely From Your RV Paradise

Are you one of the lucky people with a remote job you can do from anywhere? Most people often translate this to mean ‘work at home’ and enjoy the freedom of getting down to business while still in their pajamas. Yet, there’s so much more freedom to be had than your home office. Some remote employees embrace the “laptop lifestyle” by taking their mobile work devices to any venue in the city from parks and plazas to coffee shops and even museums with wifi. But why not go further? You can take your show on the road and work remotely from your RV from anywhere in the country with nothing but a laptop.

A Little Peace and Quiet

One of the major challenges to working from home – or even in local coffee shops – is the level of activity. At home, you have to contend with family, pets, and neighbors with leaf blowers every time you get deep into your work or need a quiet environment in which to make important calls. Public venues are even worse in some cases, especially as traffic picks up in the breakfast, lunch, and rush-hour periods. Many people who desire true silence and privacy for their work lament ever finding the perfect environment. But what’s more peaceful than a camping trip? When you’re surrounded by nothing but trees and the soft hum of birds and insects, there are no other people to bother you, and you can finally get the relaxing isolated work environment you’ve been craving.

An Inspirational View

There is a strong tradition of hard-working office people having a lovely painting or a vacation retreat background on your desktop, which serves as a personal inspiration. Some people work by their windows, but in suburbia or a crowded downtown area, there’s often not much to see. However, with your RV, outside your window could be anywhere in the country. You could park looking out over the ocean or admire breathtaking snowy peaks. All from the comfort of your cozy RV interior. Deep woods, lovely rivers, and even the big open desert have their inspirational value. And you could see them all. Whenever you need a moment of motivation and inner peace, just park somewhere absolutely beautiful and keep your window open.

Staying Connected

Usually, remote work requires staying connected to the home office through online methods. Of course, we don’t expect your RV to trail fiber optic cables for your high-speed internet, but functional solutions exist. Your best bet is to find the best available deal on a hotspot with nearly unlimited data. When it is paid up and activated, your laptop’s wifi should be able to pick it up and then you’ll be online once more. These hotspots tend to have 3G, 4G, or 5G connectivity through the wireless cell phone network and can provide you with everything but a phone number, which can be acquired through Skype anyway. Do you have a fantastic phone plan? You can often use your own phone as the hotspot broadcaster by taking advantage of its 3/4/5G connection and a hotspot data plan.

Staying Charged Up

Between your hotspot and your phone, there is an increasing number of mobile devices that will eventually need a recharge. When you’re at a campground that provides power, make sure to charge up every device you own. Of course, this may not hold you over until the next site, especially if you stop somewhere off the grid (but totally gorgeous). Make sure to prepare yourself for finicky devices and unreliable batteries. Bring along one or more large external batteries and power adapters to get everything topped up even when you’re on the road between campsites.

Work remotely from your RV

Working Off the Grid

While it’s rare, not every remote job requires you to be online most of the day. Are you a writer, artist, or even some kind of engineer who works independently? You are uniquely well suited to work remotely from your RV if you can get back to your clients when a project is finished. It’s possible you won’t even need the laptop until it’s time to scan your work and send it in. This will allow you go deep into the woods, up a mountain, or simply park next to the beach for a week. You won’t be worrying about chargers, devices, or checking into the office every day through email and other online messages. With true freedom, your biggest concerns are staying busy with your work, finding the right balance between driving and parking, and knowing what you’re looking for in terms of the perfect place to stop and work for a while.

Finding The Right Campsites

Not every campsite is going to be perfect for your RV working life, especially during certain times of the year. Because you’re going for a quiet retreat rather than a leisure vacation, research and awareness are key to choosing the right place to park and work. Your first goal is to try and avoid party sites and places where lots of other people will congregate. This may sound like a hassle, but it’s really an opportunity to visit less active campsites and discover their quiet beauty.

Next, double check availability around holidays. As certain events tend to fill up even the more obscure camps, you’ll want to make sure you’re not about to drive into a beer & barbeque extravaganza. Finally, call ahead to make sure there will be a place for you. In ‘first come, first serve’ venues, finding the last RV spot already taken can delay your ability to get back to work by a full day – something you may or may not be able to roll with.

Take Time to Hike

Out on your own, it can be easy to drop your at-home patterns and even temporarily forget the significance of the days of the week. While this is excellent for your focus and ability to work through times normally full of interruptions, it’s also important not to get too head-down as this can result in unexpected stress. No matter how well your work is going, remember that you are camping and that the world around you is a beautiful place for adventures. Take some time for yourself and go on a nice long hike at least once a week. You’ll refresh your mind, get your blood pumping, and come back all the more appreciative of your remote work lifestyle.

Between your remote job and your RV, you have achieved something few even dream of: true freedom. When you’re making money on the road, you can go wherever you want and make independent plans. Your work time becomes a constantly changing paradise of beautiful natural surroundings filled with glorious peace and quiet. Your free time, on the other hand, can be spent doing almost anything that can be reached by road. Hiking or visiting distant relatives are great starts. But you could also do some crazy stuff like tour the greatest rock climbing crags or visit every natural history marker on the great American highway. When you work remotely from your RV, the possibilities are vast.

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