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Goodyear Metro Park Sledding

goodyear metro park sledding, Goodyear Metro Park sled riding hill, picture of goodyear metro park sledding hillGoodyear Metro Park sledding is one of the most fun activities that you can do in the winter months. Located at 2077 Newton St, Akron Ohio this beautiful park host a gigantic hill that is perfect for sledding, snow boarding, skiing, tubing, and any other winter sports that include riding down a hill.

Sledding down this hill will give you a mixture of speed, air, and sometimes the occasional collision with other sledders. At the top of the hill you will notice a good amount of other sled riders, so you will have to wait for an open time to go.

Once you have an opening you just have to run, and jump on your sled in a graceful fashion, than let the fun begin. As you sled down the hill you may have to steer away from other sledders so that you can avoid an accident. Expect to pick up a good amount of speed and even some jumps / bumps all the way down the hill. Once you get to the bottom of the hill, if you’re cold you can take advantage of the warm fire-pit. A great time for any winter day.

goodyear metro park sledding fire pit, good year park fire pit, picture if the fire pit at goodyear metro park

For hills in the area we give Goodyear Metro Park sledding a 9. A great time for anyone in the Northeast Ohio area during the winter time.

Goodyear Metro Park sledding is not the only thing this park is good for. This park is also a great place for walks, hiking, Softball and other outdoor recreations. Learn more about Good Year Metro Park in this full review.

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