three ways to connect with nature, picture of a stream and trees

Three Ways To Connect With Nature

You say you’re environmental and love Mother Earth. But how many times a week do you get out into the natural world?  When’s the last time you took in the beauty of the stars on a clear night, the surface of ocean waves shimmering beneath a full moon, or beautiful, fragrant roses in a flourishing garden?

Are you trying to find a way to get back to the outdoors? It’s never too late!

Here are three ways to connect with nature:

  1. Trod on the Earth-Let yourself get outside more. There’s no reason not to! Get outside and run, walk, or hike on the ground beneath your feet. Swim in the ocean, roll down grass-covered hills, and truly enjoy stepping barefoot into the sand.
  2. Make an outdoor play date-Many times you meet friends and family at a movie theater, the mall, or at a restaurant. Do you see what these venues all have in common? They’re inside. Try switching the normal inside places to outside places, and go have picnics in parks, play Frisbee on the beach, or meet friends for woodsy hikes.
  3. Start with ten minutes-We live in a busy world. There’s so much over-stimulation with all the electronics around us: cell phones, computers, and televisions. Stepping out of the energy of all this can create positive lasting effects. Decide to slow down, with the pace of nature. Instead of running from one place to another, get out of your car and walk. Go to that nature trail you’ve been wanting to visit or the garden by the ocean. Just taking a few steps outside your front door, helps you breathe fresh air instead of manufactured air. Commit to yourself by letting in the elements around you and their fruitful benefits.

Nature is ready and calling for you. Are you calling for it? You have had no time amidst work, driving in traffic, and tending to chores at home to allow nature back in your life. But you have no time to keep nature out…it’ll gladly bring you peace and  take care of you.