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Top 8 Reasons To Go RVing With Your Family This Summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family. However, when you think of summer, you may not immediately think of RV camping. For many people who have never been RVing before, they may question why it is so popular. You may even have wondered “isn’t it easier to just stay in a hotel?” However, if you have never been camping in an RV before, then you are missing out greatly on a truly one-of-a-kind vacation experience. So, if you have ever been curious about RVing, here are the top eight reasons why you should consider going RVing with your friends and family this summer.

  1. An RV is a Private Hotel on Wheels: One of the greatest things about owning an RV is that you basically own your own hotel; a hotel filled with the personal comforts of home, and that you can take anywhere you want to go. No longer will you have to worry about room availability, or how clean your hotel room is. Your RV will be ready to go whenever you want to take it out, and you can rest-assured knowing exactly who has stayed in your RV. You may even come to see your RV as your home away from home, making you feel more relaxed in your RV than you would have felt in a hotel.
  2. You Can Cook For Yourself:  Another amazing benefit RVing provides is the ability to cook your own meals. While not every RV has a gourmet kitchen, most RV kitchens have the basics necessary to cooking including a stove and maybe even a microwave; and when all else fails, when camping you can cook over a fire. The problem many people face when staying in a hotel is figuring out how to eat. Unless you are staying in a fancy suite, most hotel rooms do not have a kitchen. This can make it difficult to eat healthily, or on a budget, when on vacation. When camping, however, you can cook anything you would at home. Additionally, you may even be inspired to try adventurous new recipes, as there are countless unique and rustic camping recipes and cookbooks you can find online. You may even find that the meals you make and enjoy in the great outdoors are better than those you would have had at home due to the relaxing setting they were prepared in.
  3. Get Active: An ever increasing problem is that our technologically driven lives often keep us indoors and in front of a computer. Traveling in an RV will allow you to get active once again. Camping often encourages people to get moving and participate in a variety of activities they may never have tried before. Whether you want to get into hiking, swimming, surfing, rowing, fishing, or cycling, the only limit on what activities you can try when RVing will be based on where you decide to stay.
  4. Save Money in the Long-Run: Many people are surprised to learn just how affordable RVing can really be. However, in the long run, when you consider the cost of an average family vacation, RVing can be the more affordable option. This is due to the fact that, according to American Express, the average family of 4 ends up spending around $5,000 on a vacation once you figure in travel expenses, food costs, hotel rooms, and fees for sightseeing activities. Even with this steep price tag for the average vacation, many people wrongly assume that RVing is still more expensive if you do not have an RV. However, RVs are available starting at less than $10,000 and can cost less than a car payment each month. Additionally, campsites generally cost between $20 and $60 dollars a night. Thusly, even including the cost of gas and groceries. After two or three trips in your RV, the investment will have paid for itself in savings; however, the fun doesn’t stop here, you will still be able to enjoy your RV for many years to come, making an RV a worthwhile investment for many families, as once your RV is paid for, you will be able to take countless affordable vacations.
  5. Reconnect With Loved Ones: As we previously mentioned, our jobs and hectic schedules often keep us attached to our devices, and disconnected from the people in our lives. While social media can be great for catching up with friends and loved ones, nothing beats the real thing. When RVing, you have the chance to travel and meet up with friends and family, and enjoy time catching up around a campfire and over a drink while enjoying a few s’mores.
  6. Improve Your Physical and Mental Health: It is important not to underestimate the powerful effect time spent in the great outdoors can have on both your physical and mental health. Spending time outdoors means you will be more active and will spend more time in sunlight than you normally would. Being in the sun can help to boost your vitamin D levels, which can improve your mood and overall health. Exposure to more natural light can also help to reset your body’s clock, helping you to fall asleep easier at night and get a more restful night’s sleep. Increased activity when camping can also help to improve your mood by increasing endorphin levels in your body.
  7. The Entire Family Can Come Along (Including Your Furry Friends): For many people, going on vacation can be difficult as they do not know what they should do about their furry friends. Not many hotels are pet-friendly, but it can be difficult to find a sitter you trust, and you may not have the heart to leave your pets alone in a kennel. The great thing about RVing, and camping in general is that pets are an integral part of the experience for many families. Most camping activities, such as hiking and swimming, are only enhanced by bringing your pets with you; and should you happen to plan a day trip that they can’t come with you on, they will likely be at home in your RV. With an RV, you will never again have to worry about your pets when you go on vacation.
  8. Have a Truly Relaxing Vacation: Let’s be honest, vacations are not always as relaxing as they are meant to be. In fact, how often have you returned from a trip only to think “man, I need a day or two to recover from my vacation”?. This is not an uncommon feeling, as many trips involve a great deal of sightseeing and very little relaxation. RVing allows you to take trips in which you are able to truly relax. While this does not necessarily mean doing nothing, spending time in nature can allow you to unwind and relax much more than on other vacations. However, should you get the sightseeing bug once again, many big cities have campgrounds and RV parks as well. In this way, no matter what type of vacation you are in the mood for, your RV will be able to make it happen.

If you have never experienced the joys RVing can provide, you may want to give it a try this summer. Many families have found RVing to be a truly wonderful experience which allows them to create memories that last a lifetime. Even if you do not want to purchase an RV, many companies and campgrounds offer rental RVs you can try out this summer and use to explore the great outdoors with your family. Feel free to contact us to learn more about what an exciting adventure RVing can be, as well as to find out about great RV destinations, camping recipes, and RVing tips.

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