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Things To Know Before You Go RVing

When you go RVing it can be an amazing experience, but it’s one that can catch even seasoned travelers off-guard if they aren’t used to the ins-and-outs of camping or to driving long distances from time to time. Even those who are very used to the open road and the wilderness can sometimes fall into the trap of over-preparing.

1) You Don’t Need That Much Stuff

Once you start RVing, especially if you’re going full-time, you might feel like you need to bring along a bunch of stuff in order to cover all your bases, but the fact is that aside from your basics (food, medical supplies, camping equipment, etc.), you really don’t need to bring that much along.

2) Bigger Isn’t Always Better

While it may be tempting to spring for the biggest RV you can, it helps to consider the kind of travel you’ll be doing. Will you be keeping to public campgrounds and going off-road often? It will be easier to navigate, find parking at campsites or on public land, and find roads to travel if you invest in a smaller RV. While extra space is nice at times, it can be pretty cumbersome depending on your preferred method of RVing.

3) Take Your Time

RVing is not like moving. You don’t have to be anywhere on a schedule. In fact, slowing down and really digging into a place that you’ve stopped for a while makes for a much deeper, richer, and longer-lasting experience than just rushing to get as many miles and places under your belt as possible. It’s important to remember that RVing is a lifestyle, not a job.

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