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Need Reasons To Go RVing?

Every summer my grandparents would take us grandkids for two weeks.  My siblings, cousins and sometimes extended family would pile into the RV and travel all over Oregon, sometimes branching out into Washington, Idaho and eventually we would end up back with my parents in California.  These camping/RV trips are some of my greatest memories.

My grandmother would kick us out of the RV every night and cook us dinner over her little stove while we would lounge in the shade of the RV awning.  I’m certain she loved being able to keep fresh food in the fridge while traveling around and we would wake up every morning to coffee percolating on the RV stove- the start of a life long love of the outdoors and coffee.

We would hike, swim, build campfires, learn about smokey the bear, but every morning we would wake up warm and cozy in the RV.  The camping sites we stayed at would have RV hookups so they were often nicer campsites.  Many campgrounds had evening movies, kids camps, arcades.  I’m sure we probably complained we were bored or hot, we were kids!  But those aren’t the memories I remembered and I looked forward to these trips every year.

Your  reasons to go RVing could be to save money over expensive hotel rooms and eating out every night, to see more remote locations in the USA, to enjoy the outdoors but still have many creature comforts, but whatever your reason, the memories you make will last a lifetime.

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