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Reasons To Go RVing For Your Family Vacation

The summer months are fast approaching, and a lot of people will be sitting down to plan family vacations soon. While vacations to significant landmarks and amusement parks are certainly fun, there are several reasons to consider an RVing family vacation instead.

One of the best parts about an RVing family vacation is that you spend quality time together. All family vacations are great, but sometimes you can get so caught up in where you are and the noise and distractions that surround you that you forget to really focus on one another. On an RV trip, you surround yourself with nature and your family, not much else. It’s easy in an environment like that to focus on what really matters, each other. Plus, the activities you normally engage in on a camping adventure help you interact. That much quality time together is sure to help bring you closer as a family. It’s easy to forget just how important moments like these are in today’s society, with crazy schedules and distractions looming around every corner just waiting to steal your focus. But, quality time talking, creating memories, and bonding is vital for every family. It’s quality moments like this that you’ll look back on for years to come. Moments like these are what create family traditions that will carry on throughout generations.

Good for Your Health

Spending time in the great outdoors isn’t just good for your family, it’s good for your body too. As you spend time hiking, biking, or fishing in the open air, the sun shining brightly upon you, your body will receive a significant boost in Vitamin D, which helps increase bone health and muscle strength, among many other things. Your stress will fade away as you breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, and let the world fade away. Plus, getting active is great for your heart and helps you burn a lot of calories.


We’ve become too reliant on our phones, iPads, tablets, smart watches, and laptops. Throughout the day the average person spends hours and hours staring at screens. Phones and tablets have become a normal way to connect with people, a way to stay caught up on news, and a tool to plan our schedules. While the advancement of technology over the years is certainly beneficial and helpful in day-to-day life, it’s important not to become too obsessed gadgets. Taking a break from all the tech every now and then is healthy. If we don’t, we become robotic, ignoring the people around us to post pictures of food or let everyone on social media know what we’re up to. It’s important to remember what life was like before the invasion of smartphones and our obsession with them. Getting back to the basics will help us make eye contact, listen intently, and focus on the important things in life instead of the meme someone shared on your timeline.

Explore New Environments

People love to travel. It’s a desire that’s deep inside many of us. We long to see the world, to view new places, and experience new things.  Perhaps when someone speaks of travel you imagine hopping on a plane and going to another state or country. While that’s an amazing option, you can find some stunning places just a few hours from your home. You might be surprised at the beauty you find waiting nearby, well within driving distance. The world is full of beautiful secrets, and some are tucked away in your state or even right outside your city. Take some time to look up areas near your home that you could explore with your family. You could find an incredible adventure close to home that feels like a completely different world where you can enjoy new sights, new experiences, and the wonderful adventures that come with them.

It’s Affordable

Vacations can quickly become a strain on your budget or savings account. Between plane tickets, hotel rooms, food, and activities you’re looking at a pretty big price tag. Not everyone can afford to hop on a plane and travel to another state a few times a year, but almost everyone can afford to go camping. It’s not an expensive luxury, and that’s part of its beauty. Camping is as convenient as it is fun. Swap five-star hotels for an RVing family vacation filled with your families laughter. Skip the fancy restaurants where you’re sure to overpay and spend time cooking over an open flame, or on a grill, with your family. Making smores is more entertaining that going to a restaurant you’ve been to several times before. Cooking around the campfire, as everyone participates in the activity together, is one of the most rewarding experiences an RVing family vacation has to offer. Plus, when you get back home, there will still be money in your savings account. Which is always an added bonus.


One of life’s most beautiful treasures is completely free and constantly above us. The night sky, sparkling with light is one of the greatest masterpieces you’ll ever see. Unfortunately, if you live in a city, the glow from hotels, houses, and businesses can prevent you from seeing the glistening lights far above. Once you get away from the city and all its lights, with nothing but the moonlight and the stars, you’ll have a clear view of just how stunning the darkness can be. For added fun, bring a telescope and try to find difference constellations, or just engage in a relaxing evening of stargazing for fun. It might not be as glamorous as going to a museum, but it’s just as rewarding.

Stories Around the Campfire

Everyone craves a good story when they’re sitting around a crackling fire, the light causing shadows to dance across chairs and faces. There’s something about being outdoors, basking in the firelight’s glow, that makes you want to dive deep into stories about monsters or faraway lands. Some of the best camping memories are made around the fire, and it’s often there that traditions are born. Tell your kids stories as they roast marshmallows and eat smores with sticky hands, and maybe one day they’ll do the same for their kids. It’s quiet moments like that, where you have their full attention, that they’ll realize that sitting around a campfire, entertaining each other with tales weaved from nothing but imagination, can be just as entertaining as going to the movies.

Learn or Teach Something New

We, as a society, have gotten great at playing games on our phones while trying to beat each other’s high scores. We’ve developed the skill of fitting our words into a set number of characters so we can tweet what’s on our mind, but too many kids don’t know how to fish or start a fire. Going on an RVing family vacation gives you and your family a wonderful chance to experience something new, or teach your kids a new skill. Educate yourself on the area as you go for a hike, teach your kids about the different kinds of fish during a fishing adventure, or see who can start a fire without a match the fastest. It’s fun to learn new things, to have new adventures, and on a camping trip, there’s plenty of opportunities for just that.

Take a break from the traditional this summer and explore the beauty of nature with your family. You might find that it’s your dream vacation, even though it doesn’t promise a lot of luxury or flashy adventures. Sometimes, less is more. And on an RVing family vacation, that’s certainly true. Take time this summer to really appreciate the things in life that truly matter as you get away from day-to-day distractions, stress, and technology, and have a truly unique adventure filled with quality time and lasting memories.

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