Woman watering her potted house plants inside her RV.

House plants are a joy. Many people enjoy green, shady houseplants, kitchen herbs, as well as potted flowers even after taking to the road for full-time RV living. In the past, house plants have been a private challenge to maintain in an RV, but times have changed! Whether you are a natural gardener or lack a green thumb, there are some amazing innovations in house plant technology.

Today, it is possible to keep house plants tidy and beautiful inside a moving RV – and even for your house plants to thrive without permanent sunbeams or a lot of focus each day on their care. With the right approach to growing – and a few recent innovations – anyone can keep beautiful house plants alive with or without the gardener’s touch. 

Let’s dive into a world of self-nourishing plants that will grow no matter what adventures or sunbeam directions the future has in store.

From Corporate Green Walls to the Auto-Garden

Auto-gardens are the key to enjoying gardening with a cursed black thumb. An auto-garden provides the water, nutrients, and even the light cycles your plant needs – to varying degrees by product – to keep plants alive without much attendance.

Interestingly, there is one exception to the gardening rule, and that is corporate design. Corporations wanted green walls – sheets of ivy or shrubbery that provided depth and texture to the high-end indoor-outdoor decor. Combined with advancing farming technology, we got the green wall – a hydroponically fed wall of greenery that lives off of strategically placed full-spectrum light.

Green walls are achieved with two important features: Hidden grow lights and well-placed plant nutrients. You can install your own grow light system for a green wall anywhere, including inside your customized RV. 

The Plant-Saving Nature of Gardening Apps

There is an app for literally everything, now. This is one of the things that has made full-time RV living even more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. If there’s a function or brand for it, there’s probably an app. And apps are getting more advanced and helpful with every generation. This time, it’s about helping us do the essential things to keep our auto-gardens alive.

A gardening app can keep travelers in touch with their own potted plants. In fact, one of the earliest versions of personalized plant care was a flower pot that requested to be watered and recommended sunshine exposure through the use of an app. Built-in app notifications can ensure that both smart-monitored plants and even your auto-gardens always have the supplies and care that will work best. This will make it easy to keep your plants alive and healthy even if your schedule and access to sunlight change from month to month – or day to day.

Start With an Automated Desk Plant

One clever way to start your RV gardening experience is to secure a small automated desk plant. These can typically hold two or three matching rectangular pots. You can affix them to a chosen surface in the kitchen or living area. You can then select the grow lighting routine and recommended soil mix (if it doesn’t come with the kit, you can safely pick up soil at the local gardening store) and plant your seeds.

With a light that grows the plant independently, your office can be anywhere. Delight in first seeing the little sprout and watching it grow into a healthy, happy desk plant. Or buy pre-potted little plants and keep them alive using your automated desk planter.

Freshly picked herbs on top of a chopping board - growing house plants and herbs in an RV.

Keeping a Self-Growing Herb Planter in the Kitchen

Living full-time in an RV, one of the perks is having your own kitchen wherever you go. Why not improve on the baseline experience? Having a planter of living kitchen herbs can help to enhance every recipe.

The single most useful way to use a small planter is to grow herbs in the kitchen. A sprig of fresh herbs can work wonders for a recipe compared to dried flakes of the same herb. These planters are vibrant, often diverse, and can even inspire you to cook more often. 

Best of all, a self-growing herb planter doesn’t need to be remembered, watered, or sunned if the internal maintenance systems are correct. This means that your RV cook doesn’t also have to be a skilled gardener. You can enjoy delicious fresh herbs and delight in their addition to the decor in your kitchen, 

Full-Sized Auto-Gardens for Fruits and Vegetables

You can even enjoy a full-sized home garden inside your RV with a little floorplan planning and an auto-garden. While not officially short for automotive, auto-gardens are a marvel of indoor gardening. They will help keep a delightful rack of house plants alive with nutrient lines and grow lights. A fixed auto-garden can automatically grow whole bushels of fruits and vegetables in a self-managed indoor planter. You can see sprouts in just a few weeks and full-grown plants soon after that that will grow, be harvested, replanted, and grown again.

These auto-gardens also vary in size, from about the size of a large holiday wreath to the size of a large and quite tall refrigerator. Some grow a dozen or two plants, some grow several dozen, and surprisingly tightly packed together. Some even grow them in a ring where half the circle is upside-down leafy bursts. These truly make it possible to grow your own food and enjoy the beauty of a blossoming garden no matter where the road takes you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Supplies at the Garden Store

Last but not least, don’t stop yourself from going to the garden store. For many of the black-thumbed, a garden store is a place of hope and tragedy, but no more. They sell rich soil, seeds, and plant nutrients that you can use to keep your auto garden thriving and healthy.

Build Your Own Automated DIY Plant Growing System

Of course, you don’t have to buy a fancy self-growing plant system to enjoy your indoor garden. With a few secured planters and one of the many options to help automate and nourish your plants without reliable sunshine (or even a green thumb), anyone can add interior house plants to your RV living design.

Build yourself an RV lifestyle that includes beautiful potted plants and kitchen herbs even as you enjoy full-time RV living.