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What To Consider When You Go Camping With Dogs

One of the first things you should identify when camping with dogs is the leash law of the park you are visiting. Some parks require leashed pets at all times; others specify the length of a leash; then there are parks that may have a fenced area where dogs can run off-leash and play with other dogs. Make sure you are aware of the rules of the park in which you are staying so that you can adequately prepare for your trip.

Part of preparing for your trip is packing. When you pack your supplies for camping, you probably don’t think twice about grabbing bottled water for yourself and your human companions. Do you also pack water for your dogs? This is especially important for dogs that have finicky stomachs or if you’re visiting a park that is new to you and you’re unsure of the fresh water supply. Packing fresh, bottled water for your pup will ensure that you don’t have to deal with an upset stomach, which will be much less messy for you and much more comfortable for your dog.

Another item you should include on your packing list is a roll of doggy bags so you can pick up after your pup. This is one of those rules it seems everyone should know, but there is still too much evidence that some dog owners do not follow it. If a campground allows pets, there are probably pet relief areas that will have bags, but always pack some extras just in case. This is the perfect time to get rid of that growing pile of plastic grocery bags!

And finally – don’t forget to have fun! Camping is a great activity to do with your dog. They can spend their days hiking, swimming, and running, while spending their nights napping by the camp fire. And you’ll have one sleepy pup on your hands. As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog.

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