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Great Camping Checklist For Your Next Camping Trip

Home is where you park your RV for the night. Your RV is your traveling home, so stock it just like you would your permanent home. From the kitchen to the bedroom, here is a great camping checklist of things that can remain in your RV at all times.


Pots, pans, dinnerware, and silverware. A small toaster, dish drying rack, and dish towels. Pot holders, spatulas, mixing bowls, and storage bowls. There’s no need to haul them back and forth between trips. There are also a plethora non-perishable food items you can keep in stock. These can include peanut butter, crackers, boxed dinners, coffee, canned foods (don’t forget your can opener), and unopened cereals. Remember to keep an eye on expiration dates, and rotate your stock as needed.


Keep shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, etc. in your cabinet at all times. Items such as bee sting relief, allergy medicine, insect repellent, and sunscreen can fit in there too. Unless you live in a climate with extreme heat, or cold they won’t get damaged. Towels, both bath, and beach, as well as face cloths, will be fine left in the cupboards for the season. Toilet paper, paper towel, Kleenex, and laundry soap also benefit the list.


Extra bedding such as top sheets and heavy blankets are great to have on hand and fit excellently in compartments under the main bed. That way they are ready when you need them. It is good practice to keep an extra pair of shoes, swimsuit, and jacket or sweatshirt packed for each member of the family at all times, as they are frequently forgotten items. However, you can leave as much extra clothing packed as you like for people who like to leave spontaneously on a regular basis.


A deck of cards, board games for kids and adults alike, and coloring supplies all fit in this category of items that come in handy when continuously stored in your RV.


Unfortunately, there is so much that fits into this category so here is a recap of what people have mentioned they keep in their RV. Roasting sticks and matches or strikers, grill utensils, and aluminum foil. Extra flashlights, but remember to bring your batteries inside when it gets cold. Citronella candles, tablecloths, and clips. A length of rope comes in handy for many things including, when your dog leash breaks, when a latter, lawn chairs, or bikes need tying down, to hanging up wet swimsuits and towels.

You will likely own your RV for many years, and over time, so many things will make their way in there. However, if you are a new RV owner hopefully this list will get you ready for a new world of camping.

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