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Nature Hacks You Need To Know

Every camping trip comes with its ups and downs. That unexpected nature of it is exactly why some people love it and why others really don’t want to try it. While you can’t control the weather or wild life around you while you’re camping, there are any number of nature hacks that you can use while you’re camping that can make the trip a little easier.

Bug Be Gone

1. Take a bundle or two of sage along with you. Throw it into the camp fire and the scent will keep the bugs at bay.

2. Make a natural bug spray by mixing 1 part tree tea oil and 2 parts water. Spray this on your shoes, pants and socks to keep the pests from crawling up your legs.

3. Stuff your socks into your shoes at night. This will detour bugs from crawling into your shoes and surprising you the next morning.

Food and Drink

1. Invest in a tea-pot. Use a tea-pot to brew coffee, boil water for instant foods and even to heat soups. All of this without having to worry about it spilling out.

2. Bring along the bacon without worrying about carrying a frying pan. Instead use skewers to cook the bacon over an open fire. Add a slice of cheese and a piece of bread after cooking and these could beat out s’mores as a camp favorite.

3. You can cook crescent rolls over a fire too. Unroll the crescent roll dough and wrap it around a forked stick. Then just hold it over the fire, rotating until golden brown. Bring along peanut butter or another dipping treat.

Forest Hygiene

1. Keep toilet paper dry from unexpected storms by making a holder out of an old coffee container. Just cut a slit on the side of the container so that you can pull out what you need when you need it. You can also string a small rope through it to hang it from a branch.

2. Make one time use containers for tooth paste by cutting a straw into inch long sections. Use a lighter to heat one end and pinch it together. Fill the small container with your tooth paste and then heat and pinch the other end closed.

3. Keep the soap and wash cloth together by making a soap pouch. Fold the rag around your soap and when you wash just wet the rag and scrub away.

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