grayson highlands state park, picture of horse standing in a field at grayson highlands state park

Grayson Highlands State Park

When you think of the top camping destinations in the United States you may immediately think of iconic national parks such as the Grand Canyon. While our national parks are great, don’t miss out on some of our nation’s hidden gems: state parks!

Grayson Highlands State Park is located at the southern border of Virginia. The park offers 155 reservable camp sites, 51 of which include electric hook-ups at a price of $30/night. Amenities include bathhouses with hot showers and a dedicated dishwashing room. The campground is open March through December.

The best part of Grayson Highlands State Park are the wild ponies! The Appalachian Trail (AT) travels a short way through the park. This particular section of the trail is home to wild ponies. They were originally introduced to the highlands of Virginia to help control vegetation. Now, there are five herds of about twenty ponies each. The ponies are quite accustomed to people visiting and walking among them. Just be sure not to pet or feed the ponies. They are still wild animals.

Grayson Highlands is great for all ages. Adults and children alike will enjoy hiking to see the ponies. Along the way, there are numerous blueberry and blackberry bushes. When the berries are ripe in the summer, you can pick a your own snack as you hike.

In addition to the wild ponies, other attractions include a beautiful three-pronged waterfall on the Cabin Creek trail and a large bouldering field for rock climbers. Whether you want a nice relaxing day at camp, to get up close and personal with the wildlife, or test your strength sending some bouldering routes, Grayson Highlands State Park is the perfect place for your next camping trip.

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