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Expert RV Camping: 10 Efficiency Hacks.

RV camping is a wonderful way to travel the country visiting friends, seeing the sights, and enjoying the freedom of a completely portable home environment. Unlike tent camping, you never have to sleep on the ground, worry about getting blown over or rained out, and a few curtains create nearly perfect privacy in any camp ground. While RVs may be equipped with everything you need, most people have dozens of little personal extras that make camping truly enjoyable. Some like the life of luxury with wine, table cloths, and lovely hanging decor while others love to kick back with hot cocoa in flannel PJs. Whatever your style, everything must be strategically stowed and secured to avoid messes when you’re on the move to your next location. Here are ten excellent hacks for convenient and efficient expert RV camping.

1) Command Hook Curtains

Curtains are a fantastic addition to any living environment. But not all RVs have the right fixtures for your curtain rods. Fortunately, there are several solutions and they don’t have to involve drilling holes in your vehicle. Command products are great for securing almost anything to a wall or cabinet. They specialize in peel-and-stick velcro and hooks making them perfect for securing things in an RV. They are especially useful for creating well-placed hooks for small curtain rods, allowing you to decorate how and wherever you please. Not just for windows, you can also use them to create a privacy doorway.

2) Food Containers

Keeping food in your RV is one of the awesome luxuries of our favorite form of travel camping, but the containers they come in aren’t always ideal for storage. They can rattle around, spill, and even break each other. One great way to save space and keep your food items handy is to repackage messy things like cheerios. Squared off containers are better than round ones and closed plastic is usually better than squish-able cardboard boxes. You can either re-use conveniently shaped empty containers or swing by a department store to pick up a few handy storage items.

3) The Amazing Shoe Rack

There’s not a lot of space for wide shelves or chests of drawers in your RV. But you do have room to hang things up along the walls and sides of your integral furniture. Shoe racks can hold everything from kitchen ingredients to first aid supplies or used as a handy shower caddy and can be hung up almost anywhere. One neat trick is to cut your shoe-rack into single rows. Hang them around the base of your bed to turn some otherwise unused space into useful storage.

4) Shower Caddies

While you may be using a slim and flexible shoe rack in your shower, shower caddies have other uses in an RV. They are built to hang up against a wall while supplying a convenient amount of contained shelf space. So, they’re actually great for mounting on the side of your kitchen cabinets. This can easily be done with our old friend, the Command wall hook. Another hook connected to the bottom will keep it from swinging and clacking as you drive.

5) Collapsible Trash Can

There’s not a lot of floor space inside your RV for the size of trashcan you’ll need when camping. But there are half a dozen different hacks in the expert RV camping community to fix this problem. Some people loop a trash bag on a hook and skip the can entirely. Others use a narrow food canister lined with grocery bags for small trash inside. One expert RV camping solution is to use a collapsible laundry basket that is easy to stow. When you stop and make camp, simply expand it and throw in a trash bag.


6) Dry Erase Board

Constantly moving around makes for lively and flexible vacations, but it can result in forgetting where you are in critical moments. In case of emergencies, you need to be able to give your exact location to the police or a 911 operator at any moment. The best way to handle this is to write it down right away in a place you can always find. The standard way to do this is by sticking a whiteboard to your wall or cabinets. Every time you park, write down the address, spot number, and phone number of your campground or other location.

7) Black Out Curtains

Blackout curtains are a staple of RV camping for a number of reasons. Many people find that, after a long drive, it’s time to sleep whether or not the sun is still up or others in the campground are still active. Blackout curtains keep the light out to let you sleep. They also help maintain your privacy in the night time when it’s dark outside and your lights are on. Rather than installing an extra set of curtains, you can use velcro to attach the blackout fabric to the back of your existing curtains. This allows you to simply enhance the curtains you already love.

8) Instant Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But eggs are difficult to keep from breaking when your RV is rattling down rutted out campground roads. Rather than worrying about adding extra padding to every carton of eggs, simply crack them all into an old water or creamer bottle and pre-scramble them. As you crack, use a sharpie on the side of the bottle to mark approximately every 2 eggs to keep your recipes consistent. You can do the same with pancake mix, which is especially useful to dispense directly out of an old squeeze-type ketchup or dressing bottle.

9) Towel Bar Security

In a non-moving home, Kitchen and bath products can be left on counters or on the side of the tub without worrying. Of course, this isn’t practical in a vehicle. Items rattle around, fall, and generally make a mess of themselves unless safely secured, no matter how much counter space you have. An interesting solution to this is a low-set towel bar stuck to the wall with Command strips. Boxes and bottles can then be slipped into the rectangular space it creates. This leaves them conveniently available to grab and replace but unable to escape when you’re rolling.

10) Tiny Medicine Cabinet

Having the right medicines available during a camping trip is incredibly important. But who wants to deal with a dozen little bottles? They rattle around, get mixed up, and usually take up way more space than they need. One great solution is to use a spacious pill holder in which each compartment is a different medication. With clear labeling, you can seriously increase the space efficiency and easy-access of your medicine cabinet. This solution is also great for throwing into a backpack or small first-aid kit for hiking and other outside adventures.

While every person or family out camping with their RV experiences freedom and independence, the collective RV community is enormous. Whether you use one of these hacks or concoct a few of your own, it’s always a great idea to snap some pictures of your useful configurations. Share your shots one of the many forums and websites created for the sole purpose of bringing RV campers together from their many remote camping locations. Happy camping and enjoy inventing a few new and awesome ways to augment your RV!

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