Nature trip concept, going on an RV camping trip with mountainous area in the background.

These days we hear more and more about alternative lifestyles as the American dream continues to evolve. Many of our grandparents no longer rummage around in their two-story house. Displaying large portraits of all the grandkids or ornate doilies on the overstuffed furniture. So, why do they do it? Adventure, combined with simplicity, may describe the number one appeal of this nomadic lifestyle. But, living out of your RV also allows you to forget about materialism and immerse yourself in nature.

Many retirees and young families alike continue to give up the picket fence and four-bedroom rambler for a more adventurous option. We hear about people ridding themselves of material goods. As they take their three suitcases to Mexico or Europe and move into a dwelling a third of the size of the house they left behind. And, then too, the tiny house phase continues to erupt. As well as the retirees who sell the colonial for the two-bedroom high-rise with amenities.

But, a new alternative lifestyle continues to gain popularity. In the United States alone, one million-plus people call their RV home. It’s not just the 60+ crowd shopping for mobile homes, but also young families with school-age children. 

RVs come in every price range as families invest anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000. Remote and seasonal work and homeschooling make it possible for those not yet collecting social security. Plenty of support groups also exist throughout the RV community to deal with raising children.

So What is Nature?

Both the American and English versions of the Collins dictionary define nature in almost spiritual terms. Respectively, “the power or force that seems to regulate the universe” or “the generous provider of everything,” would suggest none of us escape nature. Still, those living the RV lifestyle possess the opportunity for immersion.

An RV will provide more protection from the elements than a tent. But it also gives us a more natural way to travel and experience outdoor activities. Such as hiking, biking, cross country skiing, fishing, or just gazing at the stars. 

Using All Your Senses:

Traveling across the country, of course, affords us some stunning visuals. But to truly appreciate all that Mother Nature provides, we need to make use of all our senses.

  • The sensation of taste may include eating fresh fish at our campsite. Or plucking fresh herbs to add to our pasta sauce. 
  • Something as simple as fresh air helps us appreciate our sense of smell. Of course, wildflowers and blooming trees explode with the spring and summer seasons. And then we also get to experience the aromatic scents of outdoor cooking. 
  • We explore touch in natural elements all around us. Plants, water, rocks, dirt, and wildlife display a variety of textures and sensations.
  • The sight includes a variety of vistas we encounter during our travels. But in addition to the big picture, don’t forget about the tiny details of animal and flora life. And, out in the open, the stars and the planets bring on displays we don’t see from a high-rise as do the sunrises and sunsets.
  • An atmosphere void of traffic and construction allows us to more clearly hear the birds and other creatures or perhaps the sound of a river or stream. You won’t need your sleep app as crickets chirping lull you to sleep.
Couple with a parked RV enjoying the sight of nature and viewpoint of a lake.

Record Your Observations:

Do you ever tire of friends and family asking why do you live this way? One way to help explain the appeal of taking your home on the road involves recording your experiences and incorporating an account of how it affects all your senses. With today’s modern technology, many ways exist to help us share our experiences with others:

  • Write
  • Journaling on a regular basis not only records information but also represents a therapeutic outlet.
  • Give your grandkids a history lesson and send them some old-fashioned postcards.
  • Write a blog about the details of your unconventional lifestyle. You might even want to use it as a basis for a book.
  • Don’t skimp on taking photos and videos to share on social media. These images don’t always need to display iconic images. But even simple things such as a hummingbird or butterfly feeding might brighten up someone’s day.
  • And, again, with today’s modern devices, phone calls and video chats from all over the world become possible.

Some of the Best Places to Park Your RV:

When we make a point of enjoying nature with all of our senses, even the seemingly endless stretches of what some would call boring open up a new appreciation. Miles of wheat or even soybean fields take on their own charm. But look for the Queens Anne’s Lace on the roadside and the clusters of cows, horses, and maybe even an occasional llama.

Though your daily life and usual travels all hold sensual experiences, places do exist that nature lovers and RV occupants should put on their bucket list:

  • The Grand Canyon may sound like a trite destination to some, but let’s face it; it’s incredible! The ‘Trailer Village’ accommodates RVs up to 50 feet long and maintains special facilities for camping and skiing.
  • Yellowstone Park not only provides stunning visuals but also caters to the RV traveler. Fishing Bridge Campground boasts over 340 hookups on the south shore of the park. Yellowstone represents a must-do destination, especially with kids or grandchildren.
  • The Grand Tetons also caters to mobile homeowners and adventures with 112 sites available for RVs.

These destinations provide a way to experience natural treasures, experience fishing, camping, horseback riding, and more. But they also come with modern conveniences such as electric, water, and sewage connections to give you the best of both worlds.

Whether you inhabit your RV one month out of the year or call it your full-time residence, make sure to experience and appreciate nature as part of the adventure. Most of us find that doing away with most of our material things and trading them in for experiences brings a new kind of peace and happiness. 

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