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Cold Weather Camping Tips

Fall is here! Some camping enthusiasts may be fair weather (or in this case, warm weather) fans of sleeping in the great outdoors. While camping in the summer certainly lightens your load, there are ways to make camping in cold weather a feasible, even enjoyable, adventure. These cold weather camping hacks will make your next frosty camping journey a fun one!

Bring the right equipment.

While summer camping may mean an outdoor hammock or simply a sleeping bag, cold weather camping requires a few more tools. Use a sleeping pad to create some insulation underneath your sleeping bag. Speaking of sleeping bags, make sure yours is appropriate for winter temperatures. Hats, socks, and gloves are also essential.

Pack layers.

This is helpful if you’re camping in areas that have a much higher daytime temperature than at night. Packing items that you can layer helps you more easily regulate your body temperature and ensures that you always have something extra on hand when the temps start to dip in the evenings.

Keep your boots warm all night long.

No worries, you can take them off! But instead of leaving them outside of your tent or by the door, wrap them in a stuff sack and store them at the bottom of your sleeping bag for the night. Your body heat will keep them warm and you won’t be stuck with cold feet in the morning. It will make climbing out of the warmth of your sleeping bag that much easier.

Store your water upside down.

This hack is for those of you who are serious about cold weather camping. If you are camping in an area that is cold enough for water to freeze, flip your water storage container upside down to prevent the opening from freezing up.

Make Vaseline or Aquafor your best friend.

Pack some, especially if you will be in an area that’s windy. Camping is harsh on your skin, and these oil-based ointments will go a long way in helping you prevent and treat windburned or chapped skin.
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