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Camping With Critters

While camping with your pet is an exciting and fun adventure, camping with critters, and wild animals is not so great. It’s exciting to list off the kinds of animals to look for while camping. But, it’s also important to ask yourself important questions to stay safe. Questions like: what can I do to protect myself from wild animals while trying to enjoy a fun, relaxing camping trip?

There are many things that campers can do to ensure the safety of themselves, their fellow campers, and yes — even their four-legged canine friend.

The first thing to do to protect yourself from wild animals during a camping trip is to never eat near your camp site. This is essential, as your food’s scent will attract wild animals and they will come to your camp site, seeking their share.

Never store food around your sleeping area and never keep food in your backpacks or bags. Keep anything that is fragrant at least 100 feet away from your sleeping area. By hanging your food from a tree — at least 10 feet off the ground and at least 4 feet away from the tree — you will discourage smaller animals from attempting to get their share of your meals.

If bears are frequent visitors in your camping area, try a bear canister or counterbalancing. Storing food in smell-proof Ziplock bags is another option as well.

Sleep high off the ground. When hanging your hammock, be sure to attach a bug net. Sleeping like this will keep you safe and free from passing squirrels, raccoons and snakes. Who wants to sleep with critters like that when the safety and warmth of your own hammock is within reach?

Pick a campsite far from frequent animal activity. Pick a campsite far from a water source.

As a result of the versatility using a hammock, you could pick your campsite anywhere as long as you have two strong and available trees.

But be sure to stay alert and take note of the animal activity that happens around where you camp.

Keeping aware of game trails is important as well, as is keeping close to one another.

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