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Campfire Stories That Will Actually Keep You Entertained

You’ve found the perfect RV park with a great location and a fire pit that is just ready to be lit. You made sure to pack the graham crackers, marshmallows, and s’mores. Did you come prepared with the campfire stories?

Campfire stories are synonymous with ghost stories, urban legends, and tall tales. These stories are suspenseful and perfect to tell around a bright fire during a dark night. If you’re looking for good stories, check out these podcasts!

Jim Harold’s Campfire

See? It even has “campfire” in the title! The Campfire is a call-in podcast where guests share their personal encounters with ghosts. The stories range from bittersweet communication with family members who have passed to scary encounters in creepy places. The host, Jim Harold, connects well with his guests, and there is a good feeling of community in these episodes.

Thinking Sideways

Thinking Sideways is hosted by a three member team who each present a new mystery every podcast. There is a wide variety of topics covered, from missing persons to strange deaths to unexplained natural phenomenon (have you ever heard of skyquakes?). Not only are the stories interesting, but the team has great chemistry.

Astonishing Legends

Astonishing Legends publishes new podcasts every two weeks. This podcast team covers stories and unexplained phenomena that you don’t typically hear about otherwise, like the Delphos Ring. There are also interesting personal stories like The Sludge Entity or a Bigfoot kidnapping.

These podcasts will not only keep you entertained for hours while you do chores around the house, drive long distances, or exercise; they’ll also arm you with many entertaining stories to share the next time you’re sitting around a campfire.

What is your favorite campfire story? We would love to hear it in the comments below!