9 reasons camping with a dog is awesome, picture of a dog laying on a bed while camping with a tent in the background

9 Reasons Camping With A Dog Is Awesome

When planning your next camping adventure, consider bringing along your best friend—your dog! Below you’ll discover 9 reasons camping with a dog is the way to go camping.

1. Pure Joy

Everyone knows a dog’s energy is infectious, so there’s no doubt that watching your dog frolic through a new field or swim in a new lake will give you pure joy.

2. Warmth

According to the American Kennel Club, a dog’s natural body temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit—over 3 degrees warmer than humans! Bringing your pup in your tent to snuggle will feel similar to wrapping yourself around a furry heater.

3. Protection

Animals and people will be less likely to sneak up to your campsite with your dog around. Regardless of the breed, dogs have an instinct to warn their owners of surprising or alarming occurrences and keep you safe.

4. Better Photographs

Does your landscape photography often look generic and lack interest? If so, having your dog pose in the foreground will make your photo one-of-a-kind and extra adorable.

5. Companionship

Humans often have planning conflicts, so if you have the craving to camp and need to go in solitude, bring your dog to avoid loneliness and have a great trip.

6. Natural

Spending time outdoors with your best animal friend is just natural. Allow your and your dog’s instincts to run wild to enjoy more sights and smells than ever before.

7. Bonding Time

When you camp with your dog, you will walk, hike, swim, eat, sleep, and even relieve yourselves together, thus increasing the bond between you and your pooch.

8. Conversation Starter

When on a trail or walking through a campsite, having your pup with you will often entice strangers to ask to say hello to your K9 companion. This opens the door for you to meet new people as well!

9. Your Dog is Awesome

Let’s face it, all dogs are awesome, therefore their presence alone will increase the awesome-level of your camping trip.

So next time you search for an outdoor adventure, load up your RV and bring along your furry friend!

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