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8 Camping Hacks You Would Be Crazy Not To Know.

There’s nothing like taking a trip to go enjoy the great outdoors. Camping is very refreshing, relaxing, and lots of fun. However complications can arise if you’re not prepared. No need to worry though, here’s a list of 8 camping hacks that will make your trip way less complicated and a lot more fun:

1. Easy fires are the best fires.

You can get a fire started in no time by taking a few cotton pads and dipping them in wax. Another quick option would be to use Doritos tortilla chips, just be sure to exercise caution.

2. No ticks allowed.

Ticks are very pesky as well as extremely dangerous. Thank goodness you can avoid them with this natural tick deterrent. In a spray bottle mix together 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts water. Give it a good shake and spray it on your clothes, shoes, and anything else that you would like to protect from those annoying little critters.

3. Shower to-go.

In the middle of nature and in need of a shower? No problem. Easily make your own to take with you by using a water jug, a detachable spout, poly rope, and a few more items. For more information on how to create this DIY shower, checkout this link.

4. Light in a snap.

So you don’t necessarily have electricity around while you’re out in nature, but that’s okay. Create your own by taking a gallon of water and strapping a head lamp to it. This will give you soft and beautiful lighting that will give your tent the perfect glowing touch.

5. Breakfast made easy.

This particular hack can help to make breakfast very easy, and way less messy. Packaging your eggs into a water bottle can make for a quick, painless, and very yummy breakfast. Just pop open your bottle, add your spices, cook them and enjoy!

6. Convenient clean.

To make the most out of your soap, you can make lots of soap shavings to last you throughout your trip. Take a bar of soap and use a vegetable peeler to create these delightful shavings. Soap is also very useful for relieving Mosquito bite itch.

7. Portable Potty.

One of the worst problems with camping is now solved. Take a milk crate and a bucket to create your very own porta-potty. For more instructions, visit this link.

8. In case you need more light.

If you’ve run out of a light source while camping, don’t panic. Just make sure you take an emergency light kit for more light. Grab a couple of Altoids cans and place cardboard and wax on the inside. This will create a slow burning, long-lasting candle. If needed, instructions are here.

With these 8 camping hacks, there’s no way that you can lose. So keep them handy and be sure to give them a try on your next outdoor adventure.

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