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5 Great Tips For Camping With Dogs

You are ready for your family camping vacation.  You’ve prepared the RV, gotten all of your camping equipment together, and have enough food on hand to feed a small army.  What are you going to do about your four-legged family member?  Camping with dogs can be fun. Rather than boarding your dog or having someone watch after your pet while you’re away, why not bring your pooch along for your family adventure? Here are 5 great tips for camping with dogs!

1. Ask Ahead

Contact the campground where you plan to stay to ensure that you can bring your pet along.

2. Just What the Doctor Ordered

Before your trip, make an appointment with the bet to ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and your pet is healthy enough to make the trip.

3. Do a Test Run

If this is your dog’s first camping trip, consider a trial run before you go so that your dog can get used to the camping equipment.  Set up your tent in the backyard and let your pooch check it out.  It would be frustrating to be preparing for a night walk only to find out your pet is afraid of the flashlight!

4. An Extra Set of Hands

Consider bringing a stake which you can tie your dog to while you’re making dinner or doing some other activity.  This will leave you free to go about your routine without having to worry that your pet will chase after a squirrel that’s caught its attention.

5. Comforts of Home

Consider bring along some treats, chew toys, or other items to keep your dog busy during your camping trip.  If your dog is used to a crate, think about bring it along to make your pet feel more secure while you’re away.

With proper preparation, a camping trip can be a fun adventure for both you and your pet.

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